Foreign Trade Institute

Quality Control Services

We provide a global sourcing service including products sourcing, negotiation with OEM manufacturers, sampling, production, quality control and delivery.

    Establishment of a quotation after the identification of your needs. 
    Sample sent to you for approval before launching production
    Strict Quality Monitoring: a report will be submitted to your agreement before shipment
    Transportation by sea or air. We can collaborate with your own freight forwarder if necessary
    Customs clearance and direct delivery to your warehouse 

Quality Control

Foreign Trade Institute quality team handles the quality control of your project to avoid any bad surprises, legal issues, defective products, and costly mistakes.

Foreign Trade Institute quality control includes the following points:

    Verification of products based on pre production samples approved by the buyer
    Verification of quantities and production status
    Packaging and labeling
    Product function testing
    Legal conformity for the country of delivery
    Tolerance: AQL 2.5/4 as per standard. The QC report will be sent to you for approval before any shipment. 

Why Choose Our Services?

    Best value for money on the market for any product 

We are in direct contact with the factories thanks to our privileged location. These long-term relationships give you the opportunity to enjoy most competitive prices on the market.

    Workload saving: Certified quality control

Our office in Istanbul Turkey is in charge of Quality Control and inspections throughout production, before sending to our customers.

    Time saving: Optimum delivery time

Depending on the chosen mode of transport and according to the selected Incoterm, we promise to deliver the cargo to your warehouse as fast as possible.

    Creating your customized product/OEM

Possibility to choose your own design and create a personalized product. Insertion of your logo and/or graphics. All materials are available.